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Fresh, Local, & Naturally Grown

We focus our energy on bringing you the most flavorful, nutrient-dense, and ecologically responsible fruits, vegetables, and honeybee products possible.

Bluegrass Blessings Farms is a family-operated, veteran-owned, naturally grown farm producing a variety of healthy products. Our mission is to grow fruits, vegetables, and honeybee products in the most regenerative, sustainable, and holistic manner possible which we refer to as naturally grownThis means we are committed to producing our farm products empolying methods that operate in concert with nature to provide the most nutrient-dense products possible while not only protecting and conserving our environement but actually invigorating the local ecosystem without the use of any synthetic fetilizers, chemicals, or genetically modified crops. We are a small farm but work hard to make a big impact on our natual environment and local community. At Bluegrass Blessings Farms we believe providing high quality, sustainable, locally produced food is one of the cornerstones of developing a healthy, vibrant food system that promotes and strengthens our local community while conserving our natural environment.


Join us in creating a strong, sustainable, and self-sufficient local food system!